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Understanding Vaginismus: Causes and Treatment Options

Learn about the causes and treatment options for vaginismus, a common but often misunderstood condition affecting women’s

Postpartum Recovery Tips

Pregnancy is a profoundly life-changing process, in practically every way imaginable. Postpartum recovery can be a challenging,[…]

How Pelvic Floor Therapy Helps Treat Infertility

Pelvic floor physical therapy can be life-changing. Whats more is Pelvic floor physical therapy can also help[…]

Can Running Cause Prolapse

In this post, we’ll explore how running can impact pelvic organ prolapse and share tips to prevent[…]

Pelvic Floor Exercises For Running

Today we’re going to deep-dive specifically into Dr. Janet’s longtime favorite pastime, running, and explore how your[…]

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