Postpartum Recovery Tips

Postpartum recovery can be a challenging, confusing and frustrating. This video has postpartum recovery tips to help you navigate this phase in your journey. Pregnancy is a profoundly life-changing process in practically every way imaginable. In the “fourth trimester” of pregnancy, postpartum mothers typically receive little guidance about how their body is changing and adapting when nothing feels “right” or “normal”.

Janet Yiu provides pelvic floor physical therapy in San Jose, CA.

This video answers new mothers’ questions about peeing, pooping, and scar management in the fourth trimester and will help equip new mothers with information and resources about how to manage their postpartum bodies during this challenging period. Basic tasks like how to pee after giving birth with stitches is not often talked about. This video will cover that and more.

We can help you continue your postpartum recovery to get you back on your fitness goals. Please call our office to schedule a postpartum evaluation today.

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