Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy
for Fertility Care

Are you ready to start your fertility journey? We provide an optimal environment for fertility. You will be guided through your fertility journey into parenthood. Get support with menstrual cycle management, nutrition for fertility, and hands on treatment for abdominal adhesions and scarring. We treat you from a whole body approach to maximize results.

During pelvic floor physical therapy we help with:

  • Menstrual cycle management
  • Support for fertility boosting nutrition
  • Understanding natural ways to balance hormones
  • Guidance through IVF, IUI
  • Pelvic pain disorders limiting intercourse

Results from our pelvic floor PT


Get support for fertility boosting nutrition.

Improve Menstrual Cycle

Regulating menstrual cycle to improve fertility window.

Pelvic Pain Relief

TTC without pelvic pain.

Scar Tissue Adhesion Release

Improve blood flow and organ mobility for optimize fertility.

Why Choose Optimize Pelvic Health

1. Get the Care You Deserve

We provide hour-long sessions one-on-one with a specialist with are doctors of physical therapy. You will always have the same therapist and never shuffled to an aide to oversee your exercises or set you up to a machine.

2. Get Treatment from a True Specialist

Optimize Pelvic Health is a specialty pelvic floor physical therapy clinic. You are getting treatment by a pelvic floor specialist who has focused their career in pelvic health. You will never get treated by someone who took a weekend course in an open gym setting next to people with knee, shoulder or back injuries.

3. More then Kegels

The pelvic floor is complex and has so many connections to other regions of the body. We provide a whole body, holistic approach to pelvic floor physical therapy so you can have long lasting relief.

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