As a pelvic floor physical therapist, I help Bay Area women with fertility, pregnancy and postpartum concerns resolve their symptoms to lead an active lifestyle.


Have your hormonal issues, ovulation concerns, endometriosis, and numerous reproductive diagnoses impacting fertility addressed.


Feel your best during pregnancy by getting your pain, leakage and prolapse symptoms resolved. Be prepared for labor and delivery with birth prep.


A full-body assessment to address pelvic postpartum pelvic floor dysfunction and/or cesarean scar healing. I will provide a plan to help you to safely return to an active lifestyle.

treat people with…

Fertility Concerns
 Diastasis Recti
 Urinary Incontinence
 Pelvic Prolapse
 Pregnancy Care
 Post-Partum Care
 Pubic Symphysis Pain
 Tailbone Pain
 C-section Recovery
 Gut & Bowel Health
 Core or Pelvic Issues
 Uterine Fibroids

” For the first time in YEARS I feel like I have a health care provider that listens to me, genuinely cares to fix things and comes up with solutions for my postpartum issues (and I’m 3.5 years post baby!). If you are looking for a pelvic floor PT look no further!”

Whole Body Approach to OPTIMAL
Well Being

Optimize Pelvic Health is a physical therapy clinic in San Jose dedicated to treating women with pelvic health concerns. I believe in hour long treatments by a qualified pelvic floor physical therapist. This allows assessment of how the whole body impacts the pelvic floor to find the underlying cause of your symptoms. You will receive direct hands on treatment and pelvic floor exercises from a doctor of physical therapy. I look forward to helping you find the underlying WHY to your symptoms for long lasting relief.

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