Vaginismus Treatment in San Jose, CA

You don’t have to live with vaginismus symptoms.

Vaginismus can impact your life in so many different ways; from pain with tampon usage, gynecologic exams or intercourse. You may have been suffering from these limitations for months, years or decades. The underlying cause of vaginismus is tightness of pelvic floor muscles limiting insertion or feeling like you “hit a wall”. At Optimize Pelvic health we provide vaginismus treatment by addressing the pelvic floor, as well as, other body regions that may be impacting your symptoms. A whole body approach will allow you to have long lasting relief.

The pelvic floor is the only group of muscles with direct stress nervous system input from the stress nerves. At Optimize Pelvic Health, we believe addressing the stress nerves will provide a foundation for treatment of vaginismus. There are numerous hand on techniques which we provide to address the nervous system.

We have provided vaginismus treatment for many patients throughout San Jose and the Bay Area.

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We Can Help With Vaginismus

At Optimize Pelvic Health, we specialize in treating chronic pelvic pain such as vaginismus and vulvodynia. We provide a whole body treatment approach to help the pelvic muscles relax and decrease pain allowing for penetration. We not only address the pelvic floor but also the nervous system to quiet the nerves signaling pain and assess for organs which may be leading to pelvic muscle guarding.

We get to the root source of vaginismus to get long lasting resolution to your symptoms.

How You Get Results

At Optimize Pelvic Health your entire treatment session will be one-on-one with a doctor of physical therapy. We utilize assessment and treatment techniques to get to the underlying WHY of your pelvic floor dysfunction. Our doctors understand the need for a treatment plan tailored to you because there are so many unique situations and various body regions that impact pelvic floor function. We address all of these regions, in addition to the pelvic floor, to get a complete picture of what is contributing to your symptoms.

  1. Stress Nervous System – We utilize assessment and treatment techniques to diagnose how your stress, anxiety, and hyper-vigilance affect your symptoms. The pelvic floor is the only group of muscles that has direct nervous input from the stress nerves. Therefore, the more stress you have, the more your pelvic floor will respond. Optimize Pelvic Health treats with this concept in mind. We provide techniques that can be easily incorporated in your daily routine.
  2. Organs – Optimize Pelvic Health’s techniques allow our doctors to assess how your pelvic floor is being impacted by your organs. When an organ is stressed, the muscles around it function as organ protectors. When this happens the muscle may limit its function in other areas which will limit your overall strength and flexibility. For example, irritable bowel syndrome may impact diastasis recti because your muscles are working to protect your bowels, and as a result are not working to close the gap. Our doctors utilize treatment techniques to improve the tissue surrounding the organs, allowing your exercises to be effective. While there may be nothing wrong with your organs, your organs may be working harder from stress, nutrition, or change in hormones which causes your muscles to protect them.
  3. Nerves – Have you ever stretched and stretched without feeling a release in the muscle? The reason the muscle is not releasing is due to tension on your nerves in your connective tissue. When there is tension surrounding a nerve, the muscles will not contract effectively. At Optimize Pelvic Health, we assess how the nerves influence the tightness you feel, and how this impacts your pelvic floor dysfunction.

4. Whole Body – At Optimize Pelvic Health, we assess different body regions such as the foot, mid back and jaw which can contribute to pelvic floor symptoms. Assessing how other body regions affect the pelvic floor will allow for full recovery of your symptoms.

These techniques combined with direct pelvic floor physical therapy will get to the underlying cause of your symptoms and help you achieve long lasting results.

Why Choose Optimize Pelvic Health

1. Get the Care You Deserve

We provide hour-long sessions one-on-one with a specialist with are doctors of physical therapy. You will always have the same therapist and never shuffled to an aide to oversee your exercises or set you up to a machine.

2. Get Treatment from a True Specialist

Optimize Pelvic Health is a specialty pelvic floor physical therapy clinic. You are getting treatment by a pelvic floor specialist who has focused their career in pelvic health. You will never get treated by someone who took a weekend course in an open gym setting next to people with knee, shoulder or back injuries.

3. More then Kegels

The pelvic floor is complex and has so many connections to other regions of the body. We provide a whole body, holistic approach to pelvic floor physical therapy so you can have long lasting relief.

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