Early Postpartum Recovery

The Fourth Trimester: Bladder, Bowel and Scar Management

Pregnancy is a profoundly life-changing process in practically every way imaginable. In the “fourth trimester” of pregnancy, postpartum mothers typically receive little guidance about how their body is changing and adapting when nothing feels “right” or “normal”.This webinar answers new mothers’ questions about peeing, pooping, and scar management in the fourth trimester and will help equip new mothers with information and resources about how to manage their postpartum bodies during this challenging period.

Core strength for early postpartum recovery San Jose

TOPICS Covered

* Urinary RetEntion
* Urinary Incontinence
* How to Prep for Postpartum Bowel Movement
* Cesarean Scar Management
* Perineal ScaR Managment

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