Optimize Pelvic Health was born from Dr. Janet’s passion for helping pregnant and postpartum patients, her orthopedic and pelvic health specializations, and her personal experience as an active mother of two. 

About Me

Optimize Pelvic Health is a speciality physical therapy clinic in northeast San Jose where Dr. Janet treats all patients holistically, looking at her patients’ entire bodies and bodily systems, to get to the underlying cause of symptoms. Pelvic floor physical therapy entails much more than Kegels, and patients and Dr. Janet work collaboratively to develop a plan of care that allows them to reach their goals.

As a pelvic floor physical therapist, Dr. Janet integrates her 13 years of expertise in orthopedics and pelvic floor health to help patients address infertility, perinatal, and postpartum concerns. Dr. Janet’s patients range from those experiencing pelvic pain due to trauma to those trying to conceive or a decade (plus) postpartum who want to start or resume an active lifestyle. Patients receive pelvic floor physical therapy to rectify various disorders like diastasis recti, endometriosis, vaginismus, stress incontinence, prolapse, and many other pelvic floor dysfunctions.

Optimize Pelvic Health was established  to provide a safe space for patients to feel heard, to have their concerns validated and addressed, and to provide them hope that their current pelvic health condition is not permanent. Pelvic floor dysfunction can feel like an “invisible” injury and oftentimes is uncomfortable and stigmatized to talk about, making it hard for patients to get the care they need. Patients and Dr. Janet are partners in the pelvic health rehabilitation process, and Dr. Janet greatly values her patients’ trust. 

Dr. Janet has been a god-send during my pregnancy! I have struggled with pelvic pain and sciatica for most of the pregnancy, and thanks to her, my pain has been stable and manageable. I’m not sure how I would be able to cope without her.

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