About Me

My passion for helping pregnant and postpartum women developed from my personal experience. After working with patients with orthopedic concerns for 8 years, I realized the impact pelvic health had in their recovery. The passion for helping people with infertility, perinatal and postpartum concerns grew over the past 4 years. The combination of my hands on skills from over 12 years of orthopedic background, combine with pelvic floor treatment with a holistic approach, allows me to treat my patients with the body as a whole. OPTIMIZE Pelvic Health formed to provide the space for women to be listen to, have their concerns heard and addressed, and to provide them hope that their current pelvic health condition is not permanent.

“Janet is a forever student always learning and growing, I am so grateful to have her help me on my road to postpartum recovery and get me out running again!” 


Doctor of Physical Therapy,

University of Southern California 2010

BS, Kinesiology, San Jose States University, 2005

American Physical Therapy Board: Orthopedic Certified Specialist

Gray Institute: Fellow of Applied Functional Science

Specializes in pelvic floor rehabilitation

Specializes in visceral mobilization

Revitalize Mentorship